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As a collaborative management consulting firm, we empower the abilities of leaders, teams and organizations. Confronting uncertainty head-on, we harness simple truths that help you, your people and business thrive.


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Work meaningfully, live intentionally

We help leaders, teams and organizations connect to their greater purpose. For more than three decades, we’ve refined our approach and methods, applying our wisdom to three interrelated areas of expertise.




We’ll help you align your team or organization’s culture, achieving a fulfilling vision and guiding your people to their highest potential.




Working with you in a safe, trusting environment, we’ll arm you with actionable tools to cultivate your strengths and tackle your challenges.




We’ll collaborate with your leaders to grow their complex-thinking skills, while amplifying their ability to nurture and lead their teams.


Case Study

City of Edmonton

Leadership Development

Working with the City's top 800 leaders, we dramatically strengthened their decision-making abilities and leadership impact.

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Leadership Development — It’s About Capacity, Not Just Competencies

The field of leadership development has seriously limited itself with the over-focus on leadership competencies at the expense of an understanding and then the development of leadership capacity, the ability to lead more effectively in times of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity (VUCA) and rapid change. In this article we try to explain that distinction.

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Leadership Development

Why Cultivating Mindfulness is Essential for Leaders

Mindfulness has gotten a bad rap. Just like yoga, it came from the East and then was watered down and neutered to make it palatable for those in the West. It is not just a stress reduction technique or a way to get “present.” Why is it cultivating mindfulness essential for leaders wanting to build their overall effectiveness and capacity?

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Organization Effectiveness

Performance Collaboration – An Essential Element of a High Performance Culture

What are the essential elements for leaders to optimally delegate tasks and manage performance? How can they respectfully collaborate with direct reports to achieve better and more sustainable results? These are the basic steps. We refer to this as Accountability through Engagement. This is a vital aspect of building a High-Performance Culture.

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