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“My engagement with Clear Impact lasted less than a year, but it made a lifetime of difference. With much admiration and a touch of awe, it is a privilege to share what a wonderful contribution Joel and Sandra made to my company.

Their firm is aptly named. The business world is deluged with endless “how to” prescriptions, all searching for excellence. Most of these formulae do not very well translate into game changing action steps. Joel and Sandra on other hand, teach practical, realistic ideas, the value of which is measured by the clear impact they make on organizational success.

Three obstacles particularly impede companies from reaching their potential. First, when strains occur, there is a gross over-tendency to blame people when the root issue is more about structure and incentives. Second, without leadership, clarity and purpose, all humans tend toward “wanting their cake and eat it too”. And third, the daily grind causes leaders to lose sight that at its most basic level, true success is measured more by growth in the human spirit, than growth in the bottom line. It is not that the bottom line is unimportant, but rather that it is most achievable through the power and potential of the human spirit.

Relative to these obstacles, Clear Impact offers wisdom and insight. They teach a vocabulary by which we can communicate as we raise the performance level of our organizations.  Through simple truths, ideas are illuminated and teams are aligned around common purpose. Trust and honesty deepen, and the human spirit soars. The bottom line follows, and what a way to get there. There is not much more rewarding than that.

I believe that Joel’s and Sandra’s great capabilities are the product of their commitment to study, learning and innovation. They are consummate professionals. I would put them forth as leaders in their field. I will forever be indebted to how much they have added to my tool chest, and to that of my organization.”

– Dave Cameron, Former President and CEO, The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC

The Challenge

Tensions on the Senior Leadership Team were interfering with organizational functioning. Decision-making was impaired, and the team was not aligned.

Our solution

We introduced them to the Enneagram, a powerful self-awareness model that enabled them to understand their own filters and blind spots, strengths and challenges, as well as those of the others on the Senior Leadership Team. We also provided capacity-building tools. The most impactful was Levels of Development. This model identifies different leadership world views, each sequentially more effective for dealing with complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and rapid change. We helped them see how this model relates to both individual and collective functioning.

We then built on this foundation of both self-awareness and capacity building tools to facilitate a very new level of open and collaborative dialogue, assisting them in putting issues on the table that needed resolution. We also assisted them in implementing new processes of decision-making that identified and implemented multiple factors, leading to more effective and sustainable decisions.

We then worked with them to reclassify their Purpose to one that was more energizing and aligned with their personal and organizational values.

Real Results

Collaborative decision-making

Higher-level decisions incorporating multiple factors

Working through tensions and conflict

Deep, open and impactful dialogue

Applied self-awareness

Increased individual and collective effectiveness and fulfillment

Invigorate your potential

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