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Cascading impact throughout the organization and beyond

“I had the privilege of having Joel as my Executive Coach, and attending Clear Impact workshops facilitated by him and Sandra. Both the coaching and the workshops have equipped me with a breadth and depth of leadership tools that have proved invaluable. Focusing on increasing my long-term capabilities instead of just immediate problems has made me a better, more well-rounded leader. I have increased my self-awareness and my ability to really think differently, considering multiple perspectives and truly understanding how I impact those around me, and ultimately, the broader organization. More importantly, I have learned how to leverage the value in my own unique experiences to give significance to my life and leadership – I now find strength through my own transformative experiences which has enabled me to understand the deeper purpose of my leadership. I feel infinitely blessed to have such a strong foundation of tools in my leadership toolbox. Joel and Sandra do incredible work, and the benefits cascade to the people touched by the leaders they work with.”

– Andrea Desjardins, Executive Director, Chinook Region, Alberta Health Services

Immediate, tangible results along with deeper, long-term growth

“I am thoroughly impressed with the work of Clear Impact Consulting Group.  I had regular, executive coaching sessions with Dr Sandra Hill  and found that time spent with her pays dividends in both immediate, tangible results as well as the deeper, less obvious realm of contemplation and growth.  Dr Hill is insightful, highly intelligent and yet warmly available as a resourceful coach.  She presents ideas and perspectives on human learning and behaviour that are both thought provoking and relevant.  I particularly enjoy the mix of theoretical, growth-inspiring material that she combines with commentary on matters that immediately confront.  There is true value to be gained from an intelligent, deeply experienced coach and Clear Impact Consulting Group is certainly the whole package.  I am better at my role because of them and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

– John Conrad, Assistant Deputy Minister, Government of Alberta

 Stronger, more positive leader in a highly complex role

“Joel was my executive coach a few years ago and the experience was transformative. In addition to tailoring the coaching more broadly so it suited my team’s requirements, Joel presented strategic and design thinking theories (e.g., polarity management, relationship hierarchies, etc.) that supported the disruptive, complex problem-solving responsibilities associated with the job. Personally I am most appreciative of the coaching experience because it enabled me to embrace being a strong, positive leader in the public service as well as address my own development needs and well-being.”

– Joanne Sasges, Retired Director, Government of Alberta

Impactful tools and strategies for individual and organizational effectiveness

“I have worked with Sandra in different capacities for several years.  I first met her about five years ago when I was searching for an Executive Coach and in a new role as an ADM.  She supported me over the next 18 months as I worked to bring together employees from across the department into a newly created Division of over 500 people.  She then worked with me as I transitioned into another new role.  Her advice, tools and strategies were significantly impactful and I attribute many aspects of my leadership development to having had the privilege of working with Sandra.  She subsequently worked with myself and my team as we built a new Department.  That work is ongoing.  I feel fortunate for Sandra’s presence and guidance as an instrumental person on my leadership journey and I continue to value her wisdom and insights moving forward.”

– Kimberly Armstrong, Deputy Minister, Government of Alberta

The Challenge

Leadership in the public sector is becoming increasingly difficult, where leaders are facing greater demands and higher scrutiny with dwindling budgets. They are being asked to “produce more with less” while increasing employee engagement.

Our solution

At Clear Impact we see executive coaching as intrinsically linked with leadership development and organizational effectiveness. We often bring together new coaching clients for a day-long Leadership Tools workshop. During this time we introduce them to Levels of Development, Complexity, Polarities, the Enneagram, Practical Neuroscience, and the foundational tools of reflection, perspective taking and perspective seeking. We then build on those foundational tools in our subsequent coaching work.

We do not just assume that “our clients have all the answers within them.” We see this is a highly limiting perspective in the coaching community. We also provide curriculum, as needed, in the areas of organizational culture, coaching skills, team effectiveness,  communication including performance dialogues and change management, as well as building on the Enneagram’s ability to catalyze powerful self-awareness and personal/professional development.

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