The Bissell Centre






Alberta, Canada

“Joel and Sandra approach their work with expertise, professionalism and passion.

They provided us with valuable models and language around which we could frame our strategic planning process. Their knowledge base is deep and current, balancing the psychology of current leadership and culture research together with a nimble approach to strategic planning.

‘Riverbanks’ and ‘dynamic steering’ are terms that have entered the everyday vernacular of our management team, allowing us to respond quickly and more effectively to the constant context of change that we find ourselves in.”

– Gary St. Amand, Chief Executive Officer

The challenge

For more than a century, the Bissell Centre has empowered Edmontonians to move from poverty to prosperity.

To position the management team for even greater success, we helped this passionate charity craft a strategic plan to balance the dynamic complexities in their working environment.

Our solution

Throughout our consulting sessions, we helped the Bissell Centre think outside the normal conventions of strategic planning, providing the management team with the concepts and thinking skills necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

We worked with the team to uncover and integrate meaningful values, principles and factors to guide all their decisions and daily work. We also helped their leaders reach the worldview necessary to respond more effectively to complexity, ambiguity, volatility and rapid change.

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