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Alberta, Canada

“We have done some wonderful things with the help of Clear Impact. We are a 2017 PROFIT 500 winner, with five-year revenue growth of 94%. YOU are the reason we got so far.

It is because of you that I can see my vision. It is because of you that I remember what is most important to me. You taught me more about who I am, and you helped me grow not only as a leader, but as a mother, daughter and wife.

I see amazing things happening every day. Every day, I repeat something you taught me. You have also taught me to be a stronger leader and to be clear on purpose and direction. For the first time in my life, I can say that I am getting clearer and stronger every day.  I could not have done that without you.”

Teresa is one of Canada’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs as ranked by Profit Magazine, the People’s Choice Businesswoman of the Year, one of Alberta’s most influential women as determined by Alberta Venture, and has received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of contributions to Canada.

– Teresa Spinelli, Owner, Italian Centre Shop

The Challenge

The Owner of The Italian Centre Shop saw gaps between her vision and the current reality of her business. Her vision was of a highly profitable store where the employees were valued and treated with respect and dignity, and in turn treated customers the same.  There were gaps in many areas including culture, systems, processes and leadership capacity.

Our solution

We interviewed employees at multiple levels of the organization, and worked with the owner and senior leadership team to craft a path forward. The organization had grown informally and without an intentionally designed culture. They wanted to maintain the best of their “family business” feel, without burdonsome hierarchy and processes, and yet with more consistent organizational and leadership practices.

We helped them create self-governing teams, where employees at all levels could offer proposals for how the company could be even more effective. They developed more consistent expectations for leaders and all employees, processes for managing performance, and a common language for organizational effectiveness. We conducted ongoing training to assist leaders in increasing their overall leadership capacity, as well as working with the senior leadership team to function at a level of high performance. We helped them clarify their values, and reflective practices to stay aligned with those values.

We also provided ongoing coaching for the owner and other senior leaders.

Real Results

Award Winning Performance

Maclean’s 2017 PROFIT 500 winner

Increased Employe Engagement

Consistent increase in engagement scores

Leadership awards

Teresa Spinelli, Star Women in Grocery Award

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