Evolve your mind

Every day, executives and managers tackle complexity—weighing a multitude of perspectives, analyzing endless factors and coping with ambiguity.

Without a doubt, complex-thinking skills are vital to everything they do. But, many leaders feel a gap in their ability to navigate these multilayered challenges. That’s where our Leadership Development program comes in. We can help your people form agile and perceptive thinking skills, sharpening their creativity and confidence, while amplifying their ability to nurture and lead their teams.

Think at higher levels

Most training programs only give leaders more things to think about, similar to providing more apps for your computer. Our Leadership Development program upgrades your people’s overall “operating system,” increasing their capacity to think and act more effectively in times of uncertainty and rapid change.

We help leaders progress to higher levels of vertical development, expanding crucial skills in change management, organizational culture, high-performing teams, coaching and communication.

Graduates from our Leadership Training program create engaging, collaborative cultures permeated with safety and trust, with a rich integration of multiple perspectives that bring out the best in people.

Our impact

Through our Leadership Development program, leaders learn how to:

Become more self-aware, conscious and consistently reflective

Think in an integrative, flexible way

Understand a broad spectrum of perspectives, factors and timelines

Make more balanced, thoughtful decisions

Perform in the present, while building sustainable results for the future

Real results

Average gain in complex-thinking skills

2 years of graduate school

“Clear Impact provides an integrally-informed, harmonious and comprehensive approach to leadership development work. This type of consulting is light years ahead of standard approaches, presenting theory and practice that covers leading-edge discoveries in growth, development and leadership work. These advances are quite recent, and are enormously more effective than any of the alternatives. Try it out and see for yourself—highly recommended!”

– Ken Wilber, Author, The Integral Vision

Case Study

City of Edmonton

Leadership Development

Working with the City's top 800 leaders, we dramatically strengthened their decision-making abilities and leadership impact.

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Organizational Effectiveness

We’ll help you align your team or organization’s culture, achieving a fulfilling vision and guiding your people to their highest potential.


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